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International Business PackHerbalife Wholesale Buyer Membership



The Herbalife Wholesale Buyer Membership allows you to save a minimum of 25% on all your Herbalife purchases. It is possible to achieve a higher discount if you purchase more products. For those that are regular Herbalife users or who may have friends or family on whose behalf they can purchase, can easily achieve a higher discount level of 30% - 35%.

There is absolutely no obligation to purchase a minimum amount per month. You buy what you want, when you want! Also, you will never be hassled about doing the business. If you have some interest in this you can let us know but otherwise you will be left alone regarding this.

In order to get this advantage you will need to purchase an International Business Pack (seen above). You are signing up as a distributor but only for the purpose of buying products for yourself, and possibly your family and friends. You will never be hassled to do the business. Many people sign up just for the purpose of getting the discount and being able to deal with Herbalife directly.

So, you just need to purchase one of the packs below. Once received you go online and register. It takes about 5 minutes. You can then start ordering at your discounted rate.

The International Business Pack contains some product samples and, most importantly, your application form. It also contains some information on the Herbalife Business which you don't need to worry about, unless you have some interest in this.


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